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SL Window Awning


Complement the sleek appearances of Carefree's other awnings with this stylish window awning.

SL Window Specification Sheet

Fabric type and color
Guard Type

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Uniguard is designed to streamline the look of Carefree product.

FLXguard is lightweight yet rugged enough to rival metal wraps.
Made from a Carefree proprietary polymer-based material. FLXguard is a flexible material that rolls up with your awning to wrap and protect your fabric from sun, weather and the elements when the awning is retracted.

FLXguard - NEW

NOW AVAILABLE!  FLXguard is the latest innovation from Carefree allowing you to get the look and fabric protection of expensive metal wraps at a fraction of the cost.

Color options:
Spring color
Arm style options
Awning style and length

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SL equals windows up to 36" tall
SL XL equals windows taller than 36"
Window awning length is equivalent to frame to frame measurement + 6 " minimum for proper fit.

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