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Enter your RV make, awning serial # and purchase date.

Please use this link to acquire your LED lights under warranty. Please note, no labor allowed if using the quick link. If you are needing dealer assistance with the install, please file your claim through an authorized dealer.

Use the illustration to locate your serial number.

If the image above does not look like your awning, look at this document for other products: Serial Number Locations


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  • A limited warranty of less than one year may exist for select Carefree products
  • Only select components are available for Quick Claim Service
  • Carefree warranty is non-transferable
  • Warranty replacement components are shipped via ground service. Expedited freight is not covered under warranty
  • Carefree warranty coverage begins with the date of purchase; warranty is not adjudicated by the number of times the product has been used.
  • Carefree reserves the right to refuse warranty service to any person who our authorized Dealer or Warranty Department deems as abusing our products or warranty policy.
  • View Carefree's Full Warranty Terms and Conditions


Making false or fraudulent claims is illegal. This includes altering or creating a counterfeit sales receipt to make an out-of-warranty product appear to be in-warranty and/or making a claim under a fictitious name or address or under any name or address not your own. Submitting such documentation to Carefree for replacement is a violation of state and federal laws. Carefree's warranty is to the original owner and is non-transferable. Carefree DOES NOT accept receipts from PayPal, Paypoint, eBay or other auction websites. Your receipt must be from an authorized Carefree dealer to receive warranty services and coverage.