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Freedom Wall Mount


Wall mounted Box Awning. Manual or 12V. Sleek, Easy to Operate

Freedom Wall Mount Specification Sheet

Canopy Fabric type and color
Awning Style

Includes 3 staight mounting brackets with awning.

Carefree Connects: Bluetooth Awning Control System

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Installation Instructions & Manuals:

BT12 Installation Manual Carefree Connects Mobile App Manual

Carefree Connects How It Works Graphic With the new Carefree Connects Wireless Awning Control System from Carefree of Colorado, you are now able to fully control your awning via the Carefree Mobile app on your favorite smart device. No longer do you have to get up from your comfy chair to open and close the awning or to adjust the brightness of the LED lighting. You can even control the sensitivity of your awning's Motion Sensor for maximum protection during periods of inclement weather.

  • Awnings can be controlled via Carefree's Bluetooth app or the control fob
  • The Control Module (located behind the control switch inside the RV) is the key to operation, receiving remote signals from the app or fob to activate awning functions
  • The motion sensor detects sustained motion from inclement weather automatically retracting the awning
  • BT12 works with Carefree 12-volt awnings

Case Color
Awning length

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The awning measurement is end of case to end of case including the two end caps.

LED Light Option
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