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Carefree SunShades are the perfect solution for RV's that have a rear window that can't use a window awning because of a ladder or other obstruction that blocks the awning arms.

-No matter what the angle of the sun, your window stays covered.
-In the daytime you can see out, but others can't see in.
-Blocks the heat and sun and keep your view.
-Helps reduce damaging ultraviolet sunrays.
-Sunshades are available in all of the FullView fabric colors.
-All orders are custom made to order and Non-Returnable.
-The Sunshade is NOT intended for use on the side of the vehicle, over an emergency exit or for indoor use!
-Mounting on an angled surface may result in improper operation of the Sunshade.

Rear Window Retractable Sunshade

Carefree SunShades block sun, keep it cool inside and lets you keep your view.
These exterior shades roll up for travel and down for camping. Up for sun and down for shade. Unlike window awnings they cover 100% of the glass in your rear window to keep your RV cooler.

Fabric Color

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FullView Colors See-through fabric
Carefree's FullView fabric keeps you cool and doesn't block your view. This open weave fabric allows air flow, cuts about 85% of the sun's glare, keeps you cool and comfortable and you can see right through it!
100% polyester with a durable vinyl coating.
Hardware Casting Color
Window Width

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Note: The mounting bracket is set approximately 2 1/2" in from the edge of the fabric.
Each bracket mounting face measures 2 1/2" long by 1 1/16" tall.

Note: The Sunshade requires a minimum 3" flat mounting space above the window frame.

Measure the width of the window including the frame (A).
This will be the fabric measurement.

Note: Overall length = Fabric measurement + 5".

Minimum Width=30"; Maximum Width=72"

Window Height

Measure the height of the window including the frame (B).
This is the minimum fabric height required.

Minimum Height=N/A; Maximum Height=60"

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