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Slideout Custom Canopy Replacement


If you're ordering a replacement canopy for your Carefree awning, your best option is to use the serial number search tool. This way we know the exact configuration of your awning product.

If the serial number information is unavailable, carefully measure your fabric at the awning rail.

Canopy fabric type and color
Thread upgrade option

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GORE® TENARA® Sewing Threadis a long-lasting thread which enhances the life of the outdoor and marine products in which it is used. Where seam life and integrity are of the utmost importance Tenara® sewing thread leads the way.

GORE® are best known for their Gore-Tex® fabrics, but their technologies and fluropolymer expertise are also unsurpassed in many other applications. One such use is their expanded Polytetrafluorethylene (ePTFE) Tenara® sewing thread.

Conventional seam threads on boat covers, awnings, garden structures, outdoor furniture and all other outdoor products suffer from exposure to the elements of UV radiation, salt water, industrial pollutants, acid rain, dirt, cleaning chemicals etc. After a short period of time they will deteriorate in color, become brittle and break.

GORE® TENARA® thread maintains the strength of the seam even under the harshest outdoor conditions. It does not deteriorate, burst or break, despite years of exposure to weather, extreme temperature or chemicals.

White Thread upgrade option for the poly cord hems.

Bumper Cover Option

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The bumper covers minimize canopy chafing caused by the "debris scraper" feature of a full cover product.

Would you like to include a set of Bumper Covers?

Box extension

Can accommodate box extensions up to 42"

Fabric length

Please Read!

- Do not use the size field from your original part number or the size from the product description.
- You must measure the fabric length at the awning rail for proper fit.

Fabric measurement at the awning rail:

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